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Magna Charter is the ultimate custom transportation service in the DMV Area, with a nationwide network of 1000+ partners. We have an impressive fleet of vehicles to help you with your group transportation needs. Whether you want to arrange private tours and field trips or need private transportation for your sports team, we’ve got you covered!

Campus Bus Rentals
Field Trips and Sports Team Bus Rentals

Field Trip Bus Rentals

Standard school buses are convenient vehicles for school field trips, but they aren’t the most comfortable options. They’re meant for short distances and don’t offer nearly as much comfort as charter buses do. This is why when it comes to arranging field trips for your students, you need to use our field trip bus rental services.

Our Deluxe Motor Coaches provide climate-controlled cabins, making them the perfect vehicles for field trips. They provide the perfect environment to keep the excitement level high during the commute. Your students will also be able to relax after a long day at your chosen destination and have a comfortable ride back.

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Sports Team Bus Rentals

Want to keep team spirits high when setting off for a sports tournament? Make sure you book the right sports team bus rental!

Our Deluxe Motor Coaches and Mini Buses are both great options for sports team transportation. They offer spacious and comfortable seating, giving your athletes a perfectly relaxing environment for the trip.

Field Trips and Sports Team Bus Rentals
Field Trips and Sports Team Bus Rentals

After all, what’s more important than your athletes’ health and safety? Our bus rentals ensure that your athletes, cheerleaders, mascots, and accompanying staff arrives well-rested to perform optimally during the sports event. We also offer premium amenities to keep the party going while you’re on the road!

To avoid any last-minute transportation delays and hassles during the sports event, we suggest you book your rental a couple of weeks in advance.

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Magna Charter provides full-service, customized ground transportation options all across the United States of America, routing you to every major city and scenic destination. From the Nation`s Capital to all 50 States, we’ve got you covered. Call us today!

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