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Shuttle Services For Employees

Do you know that company provided transportation is among the most coveted benefits employees look for when accepting job offers? It can be the reason why employees choose to stay at or leave your organization. If you haven’t considered using shuttle services for your employees so far, now’s the time to get on board with the idea.

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Why Use Shuttle Services?

Using corporate transportation and shuttle services is a great way to increase employee retention. It allows you to secure your team members’ day-to-day detours and ensure that they have a safe and comfortable commute. With a reliable transportation option in place, your employees won’t have to worry about planning elaborate routes to get to the workplace quicker or keep switching transportation options. They’ll rest easy knowing that they have corporate shuttle services to rely on for their daily commute.

Using private group transportation services not only relieves your employees of the stress of driving and avoiding traffic jams, but it also saves them fuel costs. Moreover, with a private shuttle service, they don’t have to worry about not finding a seat like they might if they used public transportation. Once they sign up for the service, there will always be a spot reserved for them.

With a private employee shuttle service, you can also avoid tardiness at the workplace. Travel routes and slots can be worked out in advance, giving you greater control over the logistics. On top of that, you can also monitor your vehicle’s cleaning and sanitation procedures to ensure that your employees are exposed to hygienic conditions.

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Magna Charter provides full-service, customized ground transportation options all across the United States of America, routing you to every major city and scenic destination. From the Nation`s Capital to all 50 States, we’ve got you covered. Call us today!

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